All the Entertainment You Need for Friday Night

The Sawyer Entertainment Center Wall UnitFriday is a great day, isn’t it?  The work week is over and we can all look forward to two days of relaxation.

We all love to relax and recharge the batteries on Friday night, and what better way to do that than with a great movie on an awesome home entertainment center?

At Contempo Wall, we’re big fans of Friday night and we want to make sure everyone can enjoy a night of rest and relaxation in the best way possible.  A sleek, modern home entertainment center will make your TV look great, and we’ve got all the space you could ever need for a Blu-Ray player, videogame system, or sound-system.

Check out our line of entertainment center wall units and TV stands to find the perfect piece for your Friday night.

Pictured Above: The Sawyer Entertainment Center Wall Unit

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We Solve Problems: Modern Home Entertainment Solutions

Modern Home Entertainment SolutionsAccording to Herald-Leader columnist Tom Eblen, “interior design is largely about problem solving.”  Interior designers sculpt spaces in ways that make them more “comfortable, efficient, functional, healthy and safe.”

As furniture manufacturers, we play a big role in that equation, and we try to remain cognizant of it.  Our products aren’t just jewelry for your interiors – they’re more like tools than decorations.  They serve a purpose, and as manufacturers and designers, it’s our duty to make sure that they serve their purpose well.

There is no such thing as design without a purpose, because anything that is well-designed will make some aspect of your life better, no matter how small.  Whether that purpose is to enhance efficiency or simply to create beauty in a place where there once was none, all design has a function.

We know our purpose.  We’re here to solve storage problems and create beautiful spaces for your home entertainment system.

What else do you need?

Pictured Above: The Marco Home Entertainment Center Wall Unit

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You’re Not Boring: Entertainment & You

Selma Home Entertainment Wall UnitYou’re not boring.  You don’t watch boring TV.  You don’t go to boring events.

Sure, sometimes you may be bored.

But you’re not boring.  And your home certainly is not boring.

Your home, your living room especially, should be a reflection of what inspires you, what you enjoy and what you find fun.  And it’s easy to show that with a great home entertainment center.

Let your home entertainment center tell your story and show who you are. Decorate it with your favorite pictures, sculptures and pieces of art you’ve collected in your travels down life’s dusty road.  Let it be a reflection of all that you find fun, stimulating and entertaining.  Let it be your place of entertainment.

(Speaking of your place of entertainment, Contempo Wall home entertainment centers are all custom-made to fit your storage and entertainment needs.)

Your living room is a reflection of you.  Use it to show us what you’re really all about.

Pictured Above: The Selma Entertainment Wall Unit

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Techorating: Interior Design & Technology

Techorating - Design follows technologyYesterday, we discussed the importance of keeping your home entertainment in mind when redecorating or designing your interiors.  Today, we’re going to discuss a similar concept, called Techorating, which is the practice of combining technology and interior design to unify a space.

Studies have shown that Americans are investing more in their home entertainment, buying HD TVs and home theater systems instead of going out to movie theaters or concerts.  Thanks to this trend, interior designers must also become ‘techorators’ and consider the possibilities that home entertainment technology may either present or take away.

As we discussed yesterday, entertainment systems can take up a lot of space, and it’s important to take this into account for not only style purposes, but also organization.

Let’s say you buy a new flat-screen TV.  Now you’ve got to consider how to display it.  You could hang it from your wall, but then you’d have to go through the hassle of finding a stud and making a hole in your wall.  You could purchase a TV stand, but then you need to make sure that you’ve got enough room for all your A/V components and media accessories.  Plus, you have to figure out how to manage all those wires.  Messy wires aren’t just an eye sore – they’re also very dangerous.

Thankfully, though Contempo Wall has been on top of this whole techorating trend for a while now.  Our custom wall units and home entertainment centers are designed to solve problems.  With a Contempo Wall home entertainment unit you don’t have to find a stud, messy wires are taken care of by our integrated cable management system, and, best of all, there’s plenty of storage room for any media accessories you may need.

Take your home to the next level and ‘techorate’ with Contempo Wall.

Pictured Above: The Joseph Entertainment Center Wall Unit

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Decorate with Entertainment in Mind

Decorate with the entertainment in mindWhen we talk about design and decoration, we often focus on color and space.  You mix colors to set the mood and tone of your home, and then consider the space to predict how your furniture layout will dictate movement and interaction.  When discussing the two, the usual suspects of home design pop into the conversation – furniture, wallpaper, paint, lighting, accessories, etc. – but we rarely think to remember one of the most important features of any home living room – the entertainment.

Entertainment plays a huge role in American households.  According to the Nielsen Company, the average American household has 2.5 TVs.  Though we can’t determine exactly how big those TVs are based solely on this data, TVs usually come with a variety of components including video game systems, Blu-Ray/DVD players and sound systems.  So when you think about it, nearly an entire wall may need to be cordoned off for entertainment purposes.  That’s a lot of space to consider, and if you aren’t mindful of it, the entertainment space could throw off your entire design scheme.

So whenever you’re planning to (re)decorate your home, remember to keep in mind all the entertainment you use.  You know it will be there – plan to use it.

Pictured Above: The Chelsea Entertainment Center Wall Unit

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Contempo Wall: Where Storage & Entertainment Meet

The William combines storage and entertainmentAt Contempo Wall, we operate on a simple design philosophy: solve people’s problems.  Sure  our furniture looks great, but it’s just as important that our furniture has some utility associated with it.  Every piece from Contempo Wall has a purpose…or maybe two.

Contempo Wall’s Home Entertainment Centers and Custom Wall Units have adopted a wide variety of storage functions to accommodate your home entertainment needs.  From oversized storage drawers to shelves to ambient lighting mounting panels, our wall units can hold all your entertainment accessories then some.

Each of our modular wall units from the Metropolis to the Sawyer to the Chrystie is built for entertainment.  They’re flat-screen TV platforms with extra space for A/V components and  an open back for easy cable management. We strive to build living room furniture at its peak, of course, but we’ve incorporated a ton of extra storage space for you so you can keep more than just your big screen TV close by.  Use the space for media storage or get creative.

What are the things you find yourself using in the living room or at least find you need?  We want our storage accessories to reflect your living room furniture needs.

Pictured Above: William Entertainment Center Wall Unit

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Spotlight: Metropolis Entertainment Center Wall Unit w/Closed Storage

Metropolis Entertainment Center Wall UnitIs it hard to find a stylish home entertainment center with ample storage options and a super slick, laid-back exterior?  Of course not – we’ve been making them for years.

Take for example, the Metropolis Home Entertainment Center, one of our contemporary wall unit products. Like all our wall units, the Metropolis is modern and engaging, as well as 100% freestanding requiring NO fastening, hanging or securing to adjacent walls or floors.

Even better, it’s more than just a sleek, freestanding home for your flat-screen television.  The Metropolis also offers all the storage space you could need for audio/video components and accessories.  Located directly beneath the flat-screen TV mounting panel, you’ll find a 4-section component shelf with an open back for simple wire management and heat ventilation.  And then directly below that, we’ve installed two storage drawers each over a foot deep and nearly two feet wide.  Both the left and right sides also contain a storage cabinet with 5 different compartments.

It’s entertainment.  It’s storage.  It’s Contempo.

The Metropolis is available in a wide variety of custom finishes.  Choose from matte fronts, glossy fronts, painted glass or even sparkling mirror fronts that will make your room look bigger or give the piece a more transitional appeal, stylistically speaking.

And, the Metropolis can also be modified to include Contempo Wall’s unique Ambient LED Lighting system, which provides a warm glow behind your TV that will actually make the viewing experience better.

Offering all the style and storage features anyone could need, the Metropolis Wall Unit is built for the modern entertainment love who could use a little spare room.  Is that you?

Learn more about the Metropolis Entertainment Center Wall Unit here.

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Multifunctional Furniture

All furniture must function to the greatest of its abilityThe rooms of a home don’t have just one function.  As a child, I can recall doing my homework on the dining room table, exercising in the TV room, and making tye-dye t-shirts in the kitchen.  The modern home doesn’t call for rooms with singular uses (did it ever?), therefore, should it really be any surprise that furniture is following the same route and becoming multi-functional?

Take for example, the Jordan home entertainment center.  It has all of the basic tenets a home entertainment center requires (space for a TV, components and accessories).  But this wall unit also includes two storage drawers, two concealed top storage areas, an open shelf space and left and right side storage units with five compartments each.  All this extra space allows the Jordan to function as a display case, closet and storage center for anything at home that might need a little space.

Most of our wall units and home entertainment centers offer extra storage space to help you stay organized.  It’s an extra perk we’re more than happy to offer, since we know that great furniture needs to function on multiple levels nowadays.

Pictured Above: The Jordan Home Entertainment Center

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Your Home Office Furniture & You

Spice up your home office with the DavidsonWorking from home can be awesome, but it can also be sort of awful if you’re not careful about how you do it.  To keep your creative energy flowing and to avoid the boredom and isolation working from home can cause, you’ll need to have a great home office.

How can this be achieved?

Well, first off, make sure you set up your home office far from your bedroom.  Let your bedroom be a place for rest and relaxation.  Your office should be the home of work and productivity.

Remind yourself of what you’re working for.  When you aren’t in the middle of a bustling office with co-workers and clients constantly coming through, it can be difficult to remember what you work for or why you’re there.  Keep career memorabilia and other subtle work reminders nearby.  Decorate your desk/office with the type of energy you want your work to reflect.

Keep it clean.  Letting your desk get cluttered with papers and other work items won’t help your productivity.  Keep the space clean and organized.  You’ll think better and you won’t waste much time looking around for unnecessary items.

Have fun.  One of the benefits of working from home is that you can organize your work space however you like so make sure it’s a fun, stimulating environment.  However, don’t confuse fun with distracting.  There are plenty of distractions on the Internet.  You don’t need to bring them into your office, too.

I bet that many of you reading this work from home.  How do you decorate your home office?  What helps inspire you?

Pictured Above: Davidson Home Office

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Think Vertically With A Contempo Wall Unit

The AlexanderOn the interior design front, many of us tend to keep our feet on the ground (no problem with that), however we oftentimes let ourselves ignore the importance of a little upward momentum.  Space needs to be used efficiently (no surprise) and a great way to save yourself room on the ground is to look to the sky.

With a freestanding wall unit, you can visually occupy a space from floor to ceiling, letting your space feel warm and inhabited without taking over an abundance of floor space.  Our Contempo Wall Units feature enough storage space to keep all your components in one space along with a flat-screen TV, accessories, and decorations.

Although these wall units are primarily used for entertainment purposes, we build them for so much more.  A wall unit isn’t just a house for your TV and accessories.  It is a piece of your home.  With its size and stature, a Contempo wall unit converts a plain wall into a towering edifice of options, ideas and imagination.

Pictured Above: The Alexander 

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