An Eye For Entertainment

Photo Credit: Luigi Diamanti


The home entertainment center is an integral part of any modern living room. It’s where family and friends gather to enjoy music and movies, as well as each other’s company. But since every space is different, you should always be sure to consider these three simple factors to ensure the proper fit between home and home entertainment.


It’s important to gauge the size of your entertainment center with regards to the rest of your space. Too much creates clutter and mess. Too little looks sparse and incomplete.


What kind of entertainment products do you use? If your home theater system consists of a 24” television and a cable box, a full wall-unit would be overkill where a simple television
would suffice. However, if you also need to pack in a surround sound stereo system, three video game consoles and a DVD collection to rival the National Library, then you’ll want to maximize to create an appearance of balance and organization.


Your entertainment center shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Keep pre-existing furniture in mind to match color and style. While you want your entertainment center to stand out, you don’t want it to look forced or awkward in its new surroundings. Find one with a color and style that already suits your living space.

Or, if you so desire, start fresh and find complementary colors and styles at Contempo Wall and Contempo Sofa. Compare and combine to find the perfect match for your modern home.

Modern furniture styles, such as those offered by Contempo Wall, provide adaptable solutions to complement any modern living area.  Contemporary life demands mobility, adaptability and maneuverability.  Contempo Wall products respond.

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