Messy Wires Start Big Fires

Photo Credit: Jason Rogers

Having a mess of wires behind your TV isn’t just ugly; it’s dangerous.  Aside from the somewhat benign threat of trips and time-consuming tangles, messy home wiring can pose a serious fire hazard, especially in homes with aluminum wiring.

Contempo Wall’s home entertainment centers can help avoid the threat of electric fire, as well as the nuisance of messy wiring.  The majority of Contempo Wall’s home entertainment centers permit simple cable storage and management.  Although they can’t clean up the mess for you, having the wires neatly organized behind your furnishings, instead of running into the walls, saves money and lets you keep an eye on your wiring situation at all times.

Don’t take unnecessary risks.  Electrical fires are one of the most common causes of home fires and can be prevented with proper precautions.  A proper view of your television and cable wiring is the first step towards ensuring safety for yourself and your family.  Contempo Wall units give you the power to keep your electrical wiring safe and orderly.

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