Making The Most of It: Using Room Dividers to Reach Your Design Potential

Bronsom Room Divider

Use the Bronson Room Divider to bring a new center to your space

People are learning to make more out of less, or at least that’s the philosophy we like to abide by.  Modern design isn’t about austerity, but it does require a certain sense of reserve, an eye for space that says “what could I DO here?” instead of “what else can I put here?”

Room dividers are an excellent way to breathe new life into a room, creating a dual nature within the space.  This one piece can rock the focal point of a room, shifting perspective and reshaping the atmosphere of the pace.

The Bronson Room Divider, for example, features a unique, rotating center panel.  Mount a flat screen TV on one side.  Decorate the other side with books, flowers and whatever else you desire.  With a flick of the wrist, this double-sided wall unit changes a peaceful den to an entertainment room and back again.

Versatility.  Mobility.  Durability.  That’s Contempo.

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