Give Your Home Theater The Presentation It Deserves


Keep your home theater display organized with Contempo Home Wall Units

Contempo Wall provides wall units to give your home theater the display it deserves (featured above: The Keegan Entertainment Wall Unit ).

“The entertainment is in the presentation.”

-          Film Director John McTiernan (Die Hard, The Hunt For Red October, Predator)

So you’ve got your flat-screen television, surround sound stereo system, three video-game consoles, and a film collection that would make Quentin Tarantino bow in admiration.  That’s great, but how are you going to keep everything organized?

When setting up your home theater system, organization and presentation are important factors.  Everything needs to be easily accessible, yet still visually intuitive and tidy.

When you’ve got more gadgets than James Bond, keeping tabs on all of them can be tricky, but thankfully at Contempo Wall, we’ve got some solutions for when your equipment starts to get out of hand.

The Chrystie

The Chrystie is spacious enough to keep all of your home entertainment items organized and under control.

With a wide selection of home entertainment centers, we can accommodate almost any home media collection.  Take our Chrystie Wall Unit, for instance.  With two component sections, open top storage areas, and dual-side displays, you’ve got a wide range of options for organizing and displaying your home theater system with poise and delicacy.

The William is a sleek, classy option for elegant home theater display.
Or if you prefer something a bit more compact, try the William.  It’s got concealed top storage compartments and a frosted left-hand door panel offering ample space for all your home theater necessities.

All Contempo Wall products are freestanding, requiring no fastening or securing.  This leaves our products untethered and versatile, while still carrying a built-in feel.  If you need to shake things up a bit, no worries.  Move you Contempo Wall entertainment center wherever you like.  Just make sure to unplug everything first.

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