A Few Unconventional Bets to Add To Your Super Bowl Pool

Eli Manning and the Giants take on the Patriots at this weekend's Super Bowl

Eli Manning and the Giants take on the Patriots for this weekend's Super Bowl.

Last time the Giants and the Patriots squared off in the Super Bowl, nearly $92 million dollars in Super Bowl bets passed through the hands of Vegas bookies.  This year, experts are predicting a similar turn-out with the Patriots leading as the favorite by only half a point.

But why bet on just one part of the night?  Winning and losing is important, but we all know the Super Bowl is way more than just a game.  There’s music, commercials, celebrity appearances, fanfare, spectacle and passion.  Here are a few unconventional ideas to diversify your betting pool this weekend:

-          How long will Kelly Clarkson hold out the word “free” in the     National Anthem?

-          Who’s Obama going to root for?  He grew up in Hawaii and moved to Chicago, so it’s anyone’s guess which team he will support.

-          Will Madonna’s microphone cut-out at this year’s half-time show?  Before betting, consider last year’s half-time debacle with The Black Peas.

-          What will Ferris Bueller do on his day off with Honda?

-          Who’s going to have the better beer commercial: Budweiser or Coors?

-          Will there be any mention of Tebow or “Tebowing”?

-          Will someone drop the Lombardi Trophy?

-          Which Manning will get the most close-ups: Eli, Peyton or Archie?

-          Will the Gatorade bath come before or after the clock finishes running out?

-          Which weeping player (joy or sorrow) will the camera close-up on first after the game?

Do you have any more ideas?  Leave a comment below or let us know on twitter via @ContempoSpace.

Photo Credit: AJ Guel

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