Contempo Wall’s Favorite 2012 Super Bowl Commercials

Some people watch the Super Bowl because they love the game. Some people just like the commercials. So, here at Contempo Wall, we’ve gathered some of our favorite commercials from yesterday’s Super Bowl. Dogs, vampires, rock stars and polar bears all gathered to show off the best in consumer products for the most exciting ad day of the year.

“All For One” Hyundai

In Hyundai’s “All For One” ad, a frustrated engineer is ready to throw in the towel, but his co-workers (read: everyone in the plant) come to his aid with some unconventional motivational techniques.

“Vampire Party” Audi

As Stanley Hudson so eloquently put it on NBC’s hit series The Office, “How many freakin’ vampires am I supposed to care about these days?” Frustrated husbands and boyfriends everywhere were probably happy to see that these vampires didn’t last long.

“King’s Court” Pepsi

X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro squares off with Elton John, portrayed as a tyrannical monarch. Will liberty prevail?

“Return of the King” Budweiser

We were all hoping the Budweiser Clydesdales would make an appearance this year, but bringing the end of prohibition to America? This might be their most glorious role yet.

“Arghh” Coca Cola

A few Patriots fans might be able to relate to this CGI polar bear. Don’t forget, Coca Cola is still running their polar bear support fund.

“Seduction” Fiat

Talk is cheap. Just watch.

“Matthew’s Day Off” Honda

We admit this one was a bit of a letdown, but can you really expect to capture the magic of a classic John Hughes flick in a 2 minute commercial?

“Rescue Dog” Bud Light

Dog truly is man’s best friend.

“Thing Called Love” Samsung

The Galaxy Note takes a shot at Apple and reintroduces a rock star of yesteryear with The Darkness.

Are there any great commercials that we forgot?  If we left out your favorite 2012 Super Bowl commercial, leave a link in the  comments and let us know.

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