Having Fun With Smart TV

Smart TV

Despite degrading nicknames such as “the idiot box” or “boob tube,” TVs are getting smart, just like cell phones.  They can access the Internet, stream content and even download fun apps.

These are some of the coolest apps developers are bringing to Smart TVs everywhere:

Netflix Instant

Netflix Instant allows anyone with a Netflix subscription to browse, select and stream movies or TV shows straight to their television.  No changing the disc, no typing, and no waiting, it’s a simple sit-down-and-go application for finding all of your favorite movies and shows.

Note: Netflix streaming selection is limited.  Not all movies/shows will be available for streaming, but their selection is enormous, nonetheless.

Hulu Plus

Did you miss the latest episode of “Modern Family,” the other night?  Not going to be around to catch the reruns either?  And you forgot to TIVO it?  Clearly, you need Hulu Plus!  Like Netflix, Hulu Plus offers direct streaming of all your favorite shows straight to your TV.  It’s TV for whenever you want it.


Ever see an awesome Youtube video and think, “boy, I wish I could see that on my 52-inch flat screen?” Some engineer must have had that same thought because many Smart TVs now allow Youtube access.  Bring on the cats!

Angry Birds

Of course, the biggest game for your smart phone is coming to TV and that’s not all.  Most Smart TVs offer a whole library of downloadable apps and games to play on your big screen.  Your XBOX might start looking pretty lonely soon with all these instantly downloadable apps & games to select from.

Pandora Radio

Customized Internet radio streaming straight to your TV?  Not bad.  The leading Internet radio service is making music available across a wide variety of smart platforms, but Smart TVs remain one of the most critical.

Smart TVs are developing at a rapid rate and their uses are expanding practically every day.  What are some fun apps you use on your Smart TV?

Photo Credit: Tungphoto

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