Seen A Weird TV Stand, Recently? Tell Us and Enter to Win a $500 Gift Certificate

Tell us about your weird TV stand and enter to win a $500 gift certificate to Contempo WallHave you ever seen a TV placed in a weird spot?  Or just somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be?  Well, Contempo Wall wants to hear about it!

Send us your favorite weird TV picture or tell us a story about it on either Facebook or Twitter, and immediately enter to win a $500 Contempo Wall Gift Certificate.

To enter on Facebook, go to and post a picture and/or story about the weirdest TV placement you’ve ever seen.  If Twitter is more your thing, tweet us your story/pictures via @ContempoSpace.

The contest will be open to submissions until April 1.  The winner will be announced April 10 and contacted via Twitter or Facebook.

Good luck!   We’re excited to hear from you!

Photo Credit: Allen Wu

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