Making Your Home Entertainment Center Yours

The Scarlett takes a unique shape but still leaves room for fun decorations.It’s the 21st century, and everyone except Buddhist monks and those in self-inflicted poverty own some sort of home entertainment center.  So since everyone’s got one, how do you keep yours, you know, special?

Well here at Contempo Wall, we’re experts when it comes to keeping home entertainment centers unique.  For one thing, combining your typical home entertainment center amenities (A/V component centers, utility drawers) with decorative display cases and LED lights will make your wall unit look less like a home theater and more like an homage to great theater.  Decorate with things that speak not just to your home, but to your taste in entertainment.

Watch a lot of science fiction?  Why not keep a model X-Wing Fighter or Darth Vader action figure in plain sight.  Or if romance is more your thing, consider a touching photo or statuette of a great love scene.  Tip: No one ever gets tired of classic scenes from Casablanca or Gone With the Wind.

Also, never doubt the power of a good mirror.  Playing with mirrors is fun and easy, since they’ll generally provide a versatile decor solution, and refocus the attention of the room to all the elements surrounding the wall unit.  Plus, you’ll never walk out the door with a smudge on your face.

What do you do to keep your home entertainment center looking fresh?  We rely on a wide variety of finish and color combinations as well as some good old-fashioned design savvy to keep ours looking a little more than extraordinary.

Pictured Above: The Scarlett L

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