Emeralds and Oranges Trending This Spring

Emeralds and oranges are trending this springHigh-impact colors such as emeralds and oranges are trending this spring, says Pantone in this report from Tulsa World, particularly bright orange, light blues and greens such as the Contempo colors above.  Beware though.  High-impact colors need to be used with caution.

According to Jeffrey Evans, owner of Jeffrey Evans Design, “these colors are best used as accents.”

Robin Rogers of Robin Rogers Interior Design echoes Evans’s statements when she tells Tulsa World, “you could use that color, if you were daring enough, in the dining room or on a ceiling.  You wouldn’t want it in your whole house.”

Evans notes that these high-impact accent colors should be complemented with neutral paints that have gold or amber undertones, which he describes as “parchment colors with sunshine in them…like the color of buttered popcorn.”

However, before you go running off to paint your walls, remember to test out your colors carefully beforehand.  Paint a test patch and try to view it all different times of day to get a particular understanding of how the light will play off of it.  If you like what you see, all things go.

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