Decorating with High Ceilings

High ceilings look great but they can easily swallow the rest of a roomWhile high ceilings always present an interesting architecture choice, it should be noted that they can present an awkward situation for furniture and interior design.  A large room that isn’t decorated properly can look sparse and cavernous, like the room is swallowing your furniture and decorations.

Painting the ceiling a shade or two darker is a great way to help visually bring it down.  Also, decorative skylights or other fun ceiling highlights will help keep eyes to the sky without overwhelming the space.

Your furniture should match the room at least in terms of scale.  Don’t be afraid to play big, otherwise, it will look like you bought your furniture at the munchkin shop.  Also, try to fill up the walls with art, lighting fixtures, curtains and other wall decorations can help fill up blank space without losing the spacious breadth of your space.

Do you know of any other good ways to work with high ceilings?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Photo Credit: Brian Moloney

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