Contempo Wall Unit: Making The Most of Simplicity

Let your entertainment system grow because Contempo Wall can help you keep it simple.“Simplify, simplify, simplify”

-          Henry David Thoreau

Are you an entertainment junkie?  Do you only want the biggest screen, the latest Blu-Ray player and the loudest speaker system?  It’s ok.  We are, too.  We love watching our big screen TV’s both at home and in the office, and we understand how sometimes things can get a little bit out of hand with all the cables and accessories.  But, thankfully it’s a problem with a very simple solution: simplicity.

At Contempo Wall, we do our best to keep our home entertainment centers and wall units simple.  By that we don’t mean that  our wall units are stark and featureless; actually, quite the opposite.  By providing tons of storage options, heat ventilation and rear cut-outs for simple cable management, we’re making life simpler for everyone.

It’s cool if your film collection rivals the National Library.  Leaving your Blu-Rays, DVDs, and videogames strewn across the floor is what’s not cool.

That’s where we come in.  Stock up as much as you want, because at Contempo Wall we always make sure you’ve got somewhere to keep it all.  Whether you like to stay organized with overhead storage consoles or dual side cabinets, our wall units come fully-equipped to handle all your organizational needs with minimum hassle.

At Contempo Wall, we make sure that no matter how complicated your home entertainment system may be, our home entertainment centers will keep everything simple.

Pictured Above: The Tristan Wall Unit

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