Contempo Wall Introduces the New and Improved Bronson Room Divider

NJ Furniture Manufacturer Contempo Wall is proud to announce the arrival of the Bronson Room Divider, a new and improved freestanding wall unit with a rotating thin panel mounting system and an extensive array of storage space.

The Bronson Room Divider turns one space into two, marking an efficient use of space, form and function.Passaic, NJ March 19, 2012 – Contempo Wall has nearly 50 years’ experience crafting innovative modern and transitional furniture pieces.  With the Bronson Room Divider, the company advances to bold, new levels of engineering and design excellence with an enhanced freestanding partition that captures the dynamic form, streamlined efficiency, and cost-effective pragmatism of modern furniture design.

The Bronson Room Divider’s spotlight feature is an easy-to-use swiveling centerpiece that on one side acts as a TV Cavity complete with thin panel mounting system and surrounding Ambient Light System, while the opposite side contains a bookcase storage unit.  As the centerpiece swivels, the TV moves seamlessly.  Integrated cable management and component spaces allow both sides of the room to enjoy the same great entertainment features with nothing more than the flick of a wrist.  Turn a quiet reading den into an entertainment room and back again or divide the master bedroom to let your significant other sleep peacefully in bed, while you watch TV on the opposite side.  Save time and money with a single piece that takes on the function of a wall, room divider, closet, bookshelf and home entertainment center all at once.

The Bronson’s centerpiece features a three-section component shelf, while the surrounding structure is filled with additional storage options, such as two top-side concealed storage areas with flip-up doors.  The bottom component houses two pull-out storage drawers.  The Bronson’s newly improved lay-out now allows customers to hang clothes and long-hanging items in side cabinets, eliminating the need for additional floor space or a separate closet.

As a result of this newfound versatility, the Bronson Room Divider stands as a remarkably efficient substitute to a traditional permanent wall, and adds a new level of function, utility and style to the room divider/freestanding partition concept.  This resourceful piece is perfect for studio apartments and living areas that require some division whilst still retaining a unified sense of shared space.  Likewise, it functions well in oversized master bedrooms, providing both a home entertainment center and handy storage options.

This unit is completely freestanding requiring no fastening, hanging or securing to walls or floors.  It can move wherever you do.

Along with family brands Contempo Space, Contempo Closet and Contempo Sofa, Contempo Wall specializes in custom home furnishings, including entertainment centers, TV stands and wall units.  Design consultants and craftsmen work with customers to create the perfect piece for any space, hand-crafted to meet the customer’s specific requirements.   Contempo Space will even take the extra step to deliver and set up furniture onsite, leaving the customer free to sit back and enjoy.

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