How to Ditch Cable

You don't need cable to enjoy great TVWith the season 5 premiere of “Mad Men” less than a week away, everyone is beginning to say once again, “Oh yeah, we have cable, don’t we?”  This is one of those rare moments where a large chunk of the population is actually excited about something on cable TV, though fact is 90% of cable programming lives up to that old drag of “500 channels and nothing to watch.”

And, as Yahoo Finance points out, it’s just plain silly to bother with $50+ monthly cable fees when there are tons of streaming options available for a fraction of that price.  Purchase or combine the services below and you’ll probably never miss cable again, unless you’re a sports junkie, but, hey, watching the game at a bar is way more fun, anyway.

Netflix is the movie buff’s dream.  It offers instant access to an enormous streaming library which includes new movies, classics, and seasons upon seasons upon seasons of TV series.  For an additional $8/month you can add mail-delivered DVD and Blu-Ray.  Beware though; Netflix is a powerful monster that can suck away hours or even days of your life with instant access to popular films and television shows.

If you don’t care much for movies, just grab an $8/month subscription to Hulu Plus. Although you can’t get your cinema fix, popular network and cable shows abound, such as “The Daily Show,” “Community,” and “Modern Family.”  You might still be interrupted by periodic advertisements, but at least the timer lets you know how long you have to get up and grab a snack.

If you like to pick and choose a decent movie every now and then, but stay away from TV for the most part, try the pay-as-you go Amazon Instant Video service.  It includes a wide range of new movies and tv shows to rent or own, and it’s pay as you go, so if you go weeks at a time without watching anything you don’t need to feel like you’re wasting money.

These are a few of the more popular ways to ditch your cable services, but the web is brimming with alternatives.  Let us know what you’ve moved on to and leave a comment.

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