Adapting to Multifunctional Spaces with Room Dividers

Room Dividers are a great way to organize open spaces.Walls are falling down, and, in some cases, never being built.  Although architecture used to focus more on walls and separation, open-floor layouts are becoming more prevalent both in residential and commercial spaces.

Efficient living and working is becoming a new standard, and interior designers and architects are both following suit.  Spaces are smaller and more open.  Kitchens bleed into the dining room, the dining room might double as a lounge, and sometimes the whole home may fit into only a handful of rooms.

So how are home-owners and interior designers adapting to these challenges?  One common method is the use of room dividers to create separations in spaces with open-floor layouts.  Room dividers work well in the open floor layout because while they are walls in a not-so-strict sense of the word, they still act as partitions that organize space and allow a home-owner to “play” with their lay-out.  Room dividers allow a resident to rework and re-imagine their home’s floor-plan to fit their ever-evolving needs.

These partitions act like moving walls.  They can be shifted and even removed to create new passages and new designs within the home.  Imagine having the moving walls of a labyrinth in your home.  Oh, the possibilities!

Pictured Above: The Harrison Room Divider

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