Decorating with Orange

Decorating with OrangeAs we previously noted, high impact colors are trending this spring.  While these colors can inject a spring-like shot of life into a room, they can also, however, act as a double edged sword.

Take orange for example.  It’s bright, cheerful and unrestrained, but if you apply too much, the color can fly out of control and become overbearing.  Follow some of these tips to keep your orange in check:

Create a Blue Balance

Orange and blue sit directly across from one another on the color wheel, making them complementary hues.  Blue’s cool confidence will offset orange’s zesty braggadocio, bringing the best of both colors’ personalities to a comfortable medium.


Place paintings, borders, frames or other orange decorations on the wall or around the room, but try not to let it take over.  If anything, use orange accents in a room that’s fairly color neutral to add a little more pop and a jazzy spice to the space.


If you really like Orange, place it as the focal point of your room, but remember to surround it with more neutral colors to avoid orange overload.  Let orange stand at the center of your room (like the sun at the center of the universe) to create a balanced center around which the rest of the room’s furniture and décor may gently orbit (why not try it on a wall unit?).

Orange = Energy

Place the color in settings where you want to feel inspired or energized.  Try it in a home office or exercise room.  If you enjoy entertaining, put a few accents in a room where you want your guests to feel energetic and talkative.

Orange gets a bad rap sometimes for its stirring power and off-the-wall vitality, but, when used right, it can be a valuable tool for adding zest and accent to any space.

What are some of your favorite ways to use orange?

Photo Credit: Nuchylee


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