Design For A Changing World

Designers have to move fast to keep up with technologyThe world’s moving fast, sometimes too fast to even realize.  Every year, maybe every month even, brings fascinating new technologies that change the way we live and interact with one another.  So what about furniture?

While we aren’t building touch-screen armchairs or Wi-Fi connected closets (the former is still in the R&D stages), we are using the latest technologies at our disposal to improve the overall furniture experience for users just like you.

Take for example our new LED light solutions, which we’ve recently implemented on Contempo Wall and Contempo Closet products.  With LED light strips outfitting our furnishings we can surround the piece with a heavenly glow, while bringing some light to dark closet spaces.

We’re also pretty excited about our Contempo Wall Ambient Light Systems, LED lights placed behind a flat-screen TV’s mounting panel that provide both a decorative accent and an enhanced viewing experience.

And we couldn’t forget the Bronson Room Divider, a room divider with a swiveling center-piece designed to add versatility and striking style to any room.  A real eye-popper, the Bronson turned heads at the 2012 Architectural Digest Home Design Show last weekend and it would probably turn a few heads in your living room, as well.

Although the world’s been changing at breakneck pace, one thing never leaves: good design.  Designers have to consider not just the implications of their designs, but how their designs may evolve with the ever-changing social and technological atmosphere of tomorrow.

Photo Credit: Graur Codrin

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