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Spice up your home office with the DavidsonWorking from home can be awesome, but it can also be sort of awful if you’re not careful about how you do it.  To keep your creative energy flowing and to avoid the boredom and isolation working from home can cause, you’ll need to have a great home office.

How can this be achieved?

Well, first off, make sure you set up your home office far from your bedroom.  Let your bedroom be a place for rest and relaxation.  Your office should be the home of work and productivity.

Remind yourself of what you’re working for.  When you aren’t in the middle of a bustling office with co-workers and clients constantly coming through, it can be difficult to remember what you work for or why you’re there.  Keep career memorabilia and other subtle work reminders nearby.  Decorate your desk/office with the type of energy you want your work to reflect.

Keep it clean.  Letting your desk get cluttered with papers and other work items won’t help your productivity.  Keep the space clean and organized.  You’ll think better and you won’t waste much time looking around for unnecessary items.

Have fun.  One of the benefits of working from home is that you can organize your work space however you like so make sure it’s a fun, stimulating environment.  However, don’t confuse fun with distracting.  There are plenty of distractions on the Internet.  You don’t need to bring them into your office, too.

I bet that many of you reading this work from home.  How do you decorate your home office?  What helps inspire you?

Pictured Above: Davidson Home Office

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