Multifunctional Furniture

All furniture must function to the greatest of its abilityThe rooms of a home don’t have just one function.  As a child, I can recall doing my homework on the dining room table, exercising in the TV room, and making tye-dye t-shirts in the kitchen.  The modern home doesn’t call for rooms with singular uses (did it ever?), therefore, should it really be any surprise that furniture is following the same route and becoming multi-functional?

Take for example, the Jordan home entertainment center.  It has all of the basic tenets a home entertainment center requires (space for a TV, components and accessories).  But this wall unit also includes two storage drawers, two concealed top storage areas, an open shelf space and left and right side storage units with five compartments each.  All this extra space allows the Jordan to function as a display case, closet and storage center for anything at home that might need a little space.

Most of our wall units and home entertainment centers offer extra storage space to help you stay organized.  It’s an extra perk we’re more than happy to offer, since we know that great furniture needs to function on multiple levels nowadays.

Pictured Above: The Jordan Home Entertainment Center

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