Spotlight: Metropolis Entertainment Center Wall Unit w/Closed Storage

Metropolis Entertainment Center Wall UnitIs it hard to find a stylish home entertainment center with ample storage options and a super slick, laid-back exterior?  Of course not – we’ve been making them for years.

Take for example, the Metropolis Home Entertainment Center, one of our contemporary wall unit products. Like all our wall units, the Metropolis is modern and engaging, as well as 100% freestanding requiring NO fastening, hanging or securing to adjacent walls or floors.

Even better, it’s more than just a sleek, freestanding home for your flat-screen television.  The Metropolis also offers all the storage space you could need for audio/video components and accessories.  Located directly beneath the flat-screen TV mounting panel, you’ll find a 4-section component shelf with an open back for simple wire management and heat ventilation.  And then directly below that, we’ve installed two storage drawers each over a foot deep and nearly two feet wide.  Both the left and right sides also contain a storage cabinet with 5 different compartments.

It’s entertainment.  It’s storage.  It’s Contempo.

The Metropolis is available in a wide variety of custom finishes.  Choose from matte fronts, glossy fronts, painted glass or even sparkling mirror fronts that will make your room look bigger or give the piece a more transitional appeal, stylistically speaking.

And, the Metropolis can also be modified to include Contempo Wall’s unique Ambient LED Lighting system, which provides a warm glow behind your TV that will actually make the viewing experience better.

Offering all the style and storage features anyone could need, the Metropolis Wall Unit is built for the modern entertainment love who could use a little spare room.  Is that you?

Learn more about the Metropolis Entertainment Center Wall Unit here.

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