Decorating an Entrance Hall or Vestibule

The vestibule is the first thing anyone sees upon entering your home - make sure they get a good first impressionThe vestibule – other than the door it’s the first thing your visitors will see upon entering your home.  So what should you do to make sure visitors enter on the right foot?

For starters, the vestibule should serve as an introduction to not just your home, but also you.  What kind of person are you?  What is your character?  What kind of first impression do you want your visitors to have?

But before you get carried away, let’s also step back for a moment and consider what would be a practical vestibule decoration.  It’s the entrance and exit to your home, so there must be something important about it, right?  Right.

You could keep a wardrobe or at least a coat rack nearby for a quick, easy coat grab on your way out the door in the morning.  Or even better, repurpose a nightstand or TV stand, which you could then use to hold a vase, a key jar, framed photos or any host of other options and combinations.

Of course, your vestibule should match the living room or whatever room it leads to in color and style.  Again, think of it as an introduction.  If your house primarily follows a contemporary style, your vestibule should follow a modern design philosophy as well.  Keep it open and spacious, single colored (you could add a border, but keep it subtle), and consider maybe adding a small furnishing that sums up your home’s style.

Of course there are endless ways to decorate halls and vestibules.  What are some of your favorites?

Photo Credit: EuropeanaEU

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