Decorating With Books and Bookshelves

On this day in 1833, the first U.S. public library opened in Peterborough, NH.  Now this may come as a bit of a surprise, but reading, in addition to being a great habit, can help your home’s interior design.  Hardcover books with elegant covers or colorful jackets can create a sophisticated yet tasteful atmosphere in your home.

Even though we’ve entered the digital age, printed books still remain fashionable and preferable.  As Apartment Therapy notes “many of us cling to printed matter and swoon when we see a home filled with books.  It looks, at the very least, cozy.”

Cozy.  Books and bookshelves are often characterized as refined, sophisticated, and high-brow, but ultimately the reason we really love them is so simple: they’re cozy.  Check out some of these cozy (and creative) bookshelves below:

Only books above us...Via Yeah Eye Candy

ColorfulVia Falling Sky

craniumVia DokuMaciorumCek

Cranium 2Via Be Brave Before It’s Too Late

Circle of KnowledgeVia Crackajack




























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