Contempo Wall: Where Storage & Entertainment Meet

The William combines storage and entertainmentAt Contempo Wall, we operate on a simple design philosophy: solve people’s problems.  Sure  our furniture looks great, but it’s just as important that our furniture has some utility associated with it.  Every piece from Contempo Wall has a purpose…or maybe two.

Contempo Wall’s Home Entertainment Centers and Custom Wall Units have adopted a wide variety of storage functions to accommodate your home entertainment needs.  From oversized storage drawers to shelves to ambient lighting mounting panels, our wall units can hold all your entertainment accessories then some.

Each of our modular wall units from the Metropolis to the Sawyer to the Chrystie is built for entertainment.  They’re flat-screen TV platforms with extra space for A/V components and  an open back for easy cable management. We strive to build living room furniture at its peak, of course, but we’ve incorporated a ton of extra storage space for you so you can keep more than just your big screen TV close by.  Use the space for media storage or get creative.

What are the things you find yourself using in the living room or at least find you need?  We want our storage accessories to reflect your living room furniture needs.

Pictured Above: William Entertainment Center Wall Unit

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