Decorate with Entertainment in Mind

Decorate with the entertainment in mindWhen we talk about design and decoration, we often focus on color and space.  You mix colors to set the mood and tone of your home, and then consider the space to predict how your furniture layout will dictate movement and interaction.  When discussing the two, the usual suspects of home design pop into the conversation – furniture, wallpaper, paint, lighting, accessories, etc. – but we rarely think to remember one of the most important features of any home living room – the entertainment.

Entertainment plays a huge role in American households.  According to the Nielsen Company, the average American household has 2.5 TVs.  Though we can’t determine exactly how big those TVs are based solely on this data, TVs usually come with a variety of components including video game systems, Blu-Ray/DVD players and sound systems.  So when you think about it, nearly an entire wall may need to be cordoned off for entertainment purposes.  That’s a lot of space to consider, and if you aren’t mindful of it, the entertainment space could throw off your entire design scheme.

So whenever you’re planning to (re)decorate your home, remember to keep in mind all the entertainment you use.  You know it will be there – plan to use it.

Pictured Above: The Chelsea Entertainment Center Wall Unit

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