The Real Camelot

Cadbury Castle, the Real CamelotWe’re all familiar with the tales of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.  According to the legend, King Arthur lived and held court in the mystical castle of Camelot.

You already knew that right?

What you probably didn’t know is that some scholars believe they’ve found the real Camelot.

Yes, Camelot, like King Arthur, may have been a real place in Medieval Britain, though our current conception of it is probably far removed from the real Camelot.

The real Camelot is believed to be Cadbury Castle, an Iron Age Hill Fort located in South Cadbury, Somerset, England.  Local tradition claims that the fort was the original site of King Arthur’s Camelot, first written down and acknowledged by the English Historian John Leland in 1542.  The name Camelot is most likely derived from the nearby River Cam as well as the nearby villages of West Camel and Queen Camel.

The interior of the castle contains a large Great Hall area.  Archaeologists found artifacts within the fort not native to Britain, such as Mediterranean pottery, which would indicate the occupants of the fort had wide trade links throughout much of Europe.  Scholars have therefore deemed it probable that the Cadbury Castle was the home of a major British Ruler and his teulu, or faithful followers (*cough*Knights of the Round Table*cough*).

Arthurian legend does state that Cadbury would have been within Arthur’s supposed kingdom.

What do you think?  Could Cadbury Castle be the Camelot of legend or are archaeologists just chasing legends and folktales?

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