Laugh a Little on National Humor Day

Laugh a little on National Humor DayToday, April 19, is National Humor Day, so we must recommend that you plop yourself down on the couch and watch a funny movie.  It’ll be good for your health.


Not convinced?

OK, here are a few benefits of laughter:

- lower blood pressure

- improved alertness, creativity and memory (you’re always functioning better when you’re in a good mood)

- increased learning ability (according to a study conducted by researchers at John Hopkins, using humor during instruction leads to higher test scores because humor creates a relationship between previously disconnected items)

- one minute of laughter can boost your heart rate as much as ten minutes of rowing

While laughing will probably make you feel better, do remember though that many studies surrounding the effects of laughter on human health are iffy at best, and you shouldn’t expect laughter to be a cure all for any illness or serious medical condition.

Laughing will however give you a little boost in your energy and daily outlook.  You’ll feel better overall, though it most certainly won’t be the only factor contributing to your good health.

So when you get home from work tonight, enjoy some comic entertainment and let yourself laugh.  You’ll like how it feels.

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles

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