Adapting to Multifunctional Spaces with Room Dividers

Room Dividers are a great way to organize open spaces.Walls are falling down, and, in some cases, never being built.  Although architecture used to focus more on walls and separation, open-floor layouts are becoming more prevalent both in residential and commercial spaces.

Efficient living and working is becoming a new standard, and interior designers and architects are both following suit.  Spaces are smaller and more open.  Kitchens bleed into the dining room, the dining room might double as a lounge, and sometimes the whole home may fit into only a handful of rooms.

So how are home-owners and interior designers adapting to these challenges?  One common method is the use of room dividers to create separations in spaces with open-floor layouts.  Room dividers work well in the open floor layout because while they are walls in a not-so-strict sense of the word, they still act as partitions that organize space and allow a home-owner to “play” with their lay-out.  Room dividers allow a resident to rework and re-imagine their home’s floor-plan to fit their ever-evolving needs.

These partitions act like moving walls.  They can be shifted and even removed to create new passages and new designs within the home.  Imagine having the moving walls of a labyrinth in your home.  Oh, the possibilities!

Pictured Above: The Harrison Room Divider

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Contempo Wall Introduces the New and Improved Bronson Room Divider

NJ Furniture Manufacturer Contempo Wall is proud to announce the arrival of the Bronson Room Divider, a new and improved freestanding wall unit with a rotating thin panel mounting system and an extensive array of storage space.

The Bronson Room Divider turns one space into two, marking an efficient use of space, form and function.Passaic, NJ March 19, 2012 – Contempo Wall has nearly 50 years’ experience crafting innovative modern and transitional furniture pieces.  With the Bronson Room Divider, the company advances to bold, new levels of engineering and design excellence with an enhanced freestanding partition that captures the dynamic form, streamlined efficiency, and cost-effective pragmatism of modern furniture design.

The Bronson Room Divider’s spotlight feature is an easy-to-use swiveling centerpiece that on one side acts as a TV Cavity complete with thin panel mounting system and surrounding Ambient Light System, while the opposite side contains a bookcase storage unit.  As the centerpiece swivels, the TV moves seamlessly.  Integrated cable management and component spaces allow both sides of the room to enjoy the same great entertainment features with nothing more than the flick of a wrist.  Turn a quiet reading den into an entertainment room and back again or divide the master bedroom to let your significant other sleep peacefully in bed, while you watch TV on the opposite side.  Save time and money with a single piece that takes on the function of a wall, room divider, closet, bookshelf and home entertainment center all at once.

The Bronson’s centerpiece features a three-section component shelf, while the surrounding structure is filled with additional storage options, such as two top-side concealed storage areas with flip-up doors.  The bottom component houses two pull-out storage drawers.  The Bronson’s newly improved lay-out now allows customers to hang clothes and long-hanging items in side cabinets, eliminating the need for additional floor space or a separate closet.

As a result of this newfound versatility, the Bronson Room Divider stands as a remarkably efficient substitute to a traditional permanent wall, and adds a new level of function, utility and style to the room divider/freestanding partition concept.  This resourceful piece is perfect for studio apartments and living areas that require some division whilst still retaining a unified sense of shared space.  Likewise, it functions well in oversized master bedrooms, providing both a home entertainment center and handy storage options.

This unit is completely freestanding requiring no fastening, hanging or securing to walls or floors.  It can move wherever you do.

Along with family brands Contempo Space, Contempo Closet and Contempo Sofa, Contempo Wall specializes in custom home furnishings, including entertainment centers, TV stands and wall units.  Design consultants and craftsmen work with customers to create the perfect piece for any space, hand-crafted to meet the customer’s specific requirements.   Contempo Space will even take the extra step to deliver and set up furniture onsite, leaving the customer free to sit back and enjoy.

For more information regarding products and services, visit  For further updates, follow Contempo Wall on Twitter via @ContempoSpace and on Facebook at


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Contempo Wall Unit: Making The Most of Simplicity

Let your entertainment system grow because Contempo Wall can help you keep it simple.“Simplify, simplify, simplify”

-          Henry David Thoreau

Are you an entertainment junkie?  Do you only want the biggest screen, the latest Blu-Ray player and the loudest speaker system?  It’s ok.  We are, too.  We love watching our big screen TV’s both at home and in the office, and we understand how sometimes things can get a little bit out of hand with all the cables and accessories.  But, thankfully it’s a problem with a very simple solution: simplicity.

At Contempo Wall, we do our best to keep our home entertainment centers and wall units simple.  By that we don’t mean that  our wall units are stark and featureless; actually, quite the opposite.  By providing tons of storage options, heat ventilation and rear cut-outs for simple cable management, we’re making life simpler for everyone.

It’s cool if your film collection rivals the National Library.  Leaving your Blu-Rays, DVDs, and videogames strewn across the floor is what’s not cool.

That’s where we come in.  Stock up as much as you want, because at Contempo Wall we always make sure you’ve got somewhere to keep it all.  Whether you like to stay organized with overhead storage consoles or dual side cabinets, our wall units come fully-equipped to handle all your organizational needs with minimum hassle.

At Contempo Wall, we make sure that no matter how complicated your home entertainment system may be, our home entertainment centers will keep everything simple.

Pictured Above: The Tristan Wall Unit

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Entertainment in Small Spaces

TV Stands are a sleek, elegant display solution for small spacesAt Contempo Wall, we’re really, really proud of our home entertainment centers and wall units. They’re contemporary media centers designed to store and display colossal TVs and epic sound systems.  But what if you don’t have the space for that?

No problem!

At Contempo Wall, we like to be sure we have something for everyone, even the modern urban apartment dweller.  Space matters most when it needs to be used economically and our line of compact TV Stands can give you all the organization and display space you need without overcrowding the room.  Unlike our massive home entertainment centers and wall units, the TV Stands are sleek, simple display consoles.  Tight and compact, they deliver a neat, tidy organizational solution for economical spaces.

There’s no reason to deprive small spaces of extra organization or TV furniture.  In fact, we could argue that they need it the most.

Pictured Above: Castellano TV Stand

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Emeralds and Oranges Trending This Spring

Emeralds and oranges are trending this springHigh-impact colors such as emeralds and oranges are trending this spring, says Pantone in this report from Tulsa World, particularly bright orange, light blues and greens such as the Contempo colors above.  Beware though.  High-impact colors need to be used with caution.

According to Jeffrey Evans, owner of Jeffrey Evans Design, “these colors are best used as accents.”

Robin Rogers of Robin Rogers Interior Design echoes Evans’s statements when she tells Tulsa World, “you could use that color, if you were daring enough, in the dining room or on a ceiling.  You wouldn’t want it in your whole house.”

Evans notes that these high-impact accent colors should be complemented with neutral paints that have gold or amber undertones, which he describes as “parchment colors with sunshine in them…like the color of buttered popcorn.”

However, before you go running off to paint your walls, remember to test out your colors carefully beforehand.  Paint a test patch and try to view it all different times of day to get a particular understanding of how the light will play off of it.  If you like what you see, all things go.

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Making Your Home Entertainment Center Yours

The Scarlett takes a unique shape but still leaves room for fun decorations.It’s the 21st century, and everyone except Buddhist monks and those in self-inflicted poverty own some sort of home entertainment center.  So since everyone’s got one, how do you keep yours, you know, special?

Well here at Contempo Wall, we’re experts when it comes to keeping home entertainment centers unique.  For one thing, combining your typical home entertainment center amenities (A/V component centers, utility drawers) with decorative display cases and LED lights will make your wall unit look less like a home theater and more like an homage to great theater.  Decorate with things that speak not just to your home, but to your taste in entertainment.

Watch a lot of science fiction?  Why not keep a model X-Wing Fighter or Darth Vader action figure in plain sight.  Or if romance is more your thing, consider a touching photo or statuette of a great love scene.  Tip: No one ever gets tired of classic scenes from Casablanca or Gone With the Wind.

Also, never doubt the power of a good mirror.  Playing with mirrors is fun and easy, since they’ll generally provide a versatile decor solution, and refocus the attention of the room to all the elements surrounding the wall unit.  Plus, you’ll never walk out the door with a smudge on your face.

What do you do to keep your home entertainment center looking fresh?  We rely on a wide variety of finish and color combinations as well as some good old-fashioned design savvy to keep ours looking a little more than extraordinary.

Pictured Above: The Scarlett L

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This Valentine’s Day Give Your Living Room the Perfect Match

Give your living room something special.

Whether you prefer to stay in or go out, everyone likes to feel special on Valentine’s Day.  This year, make your living room feel special with a Contempo Wall Home Entertainment Center.

Here at Contempo Wall, our designers will work with you to create the perfect piece for any room.  Regardless of the size, our wide range of options can be modified to fit a wide variety of settings, while our color and finish combinations offer enough range to create a visually striking piece to match any home furniture décor.

Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but your living room will be there 365 days every year.  Make sure to give it something special every now and then, too.

Pictured Above: Crystal Entertainment Center with Open Display and Closed Storage Space

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Light of Love: Contempo Wall’s Ambient Lighting System

Give your room an otherworldly glow with Contempo Wall's ambient lighting system

Give your room an otherworldly glow with Contempo Wall's ambient lighting system.

Spending Valentine’s Day at home this year?  Who can blame you?  With all the pandemonium of traffic, last minute dinner reservations and the stress of trying to create the ideal romantic evening in a place where you’ve got little to no control, who wouldn’t take a chance to just relax on the couch and enjoy a classic romantic film?

This Valentine’s Day, think about enhancing the experience with Contempo Wall’s ambient lighting system.  Installed behind your TV, the ambient lights will produce an otherworldly glow, enhancing your viewing experience through light balance and equalization, while also striking a brilliant new atmosphere within your living room.

Even with the TV off, this feature creates a romantic ambiance excellent for relaxing in the dark with your beloved on Valentine’s Day.  Good lighting is half the battle – with a Contempo Wall ambient lighting system attached to your entertainment center, you’re sure to garnish your space with a heavenly aura of romance and mysticism for nights spent alone with the one you love.

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Give Your Home Theater The Presentation It Deserves


Keep your home theater display organized with Contempo Home Wall Units

Contempo Wall provides wall units to give your home theater the display it deserves (featured above: The Keegan Entertainment Wall Unit ).

“The entertainment is in the presentation.”

-          Film Director John McTiernan (Die Hard, The Hunt For Red October, Predator)

So you’ve got your flat-screen television, surround sound stereo system, three video-game consoles, and a film collection that would make Quentin Tarantino bow in admiration.  That’s great, but how are you going to keep everything organized?

When setting up your home theater system, organization and presentation are important factors.  Everything needs to be easily accessible, yet still visually intuitive and tidy.

When you’ve got more gadgets than James Bond, keeping tabs on all of them can be tricky, but thankfully at Contempo Wall, we’ve got some solutions for when your equipment starts to get out of hand.

The Chrystie

The Chrystie is spacious enough to keep all of your home entertainment items organized and under control.

With a wide selection of home entertainment centers, we can accommodate almost any home media collection.  Take our Chrystie Wall Unit, for instance.  With two component sections, open top storage areas, and dual-side displays, you’ve got a wide range of options for organizing and displaying your home theater system with poise and delicacy.

The William is a sleek, classy option for elegant home theater display.
Or if you prefer something a bit more compact, try the William.  It’s got concealed top storage compartments and a frosted left-hand door panel offering ample space for all your home theater necessities.

All Contempo Wall products are freestanding, requiring no fastening or securing.  This leaves our products untethered and versatile, while still carrying a built-in feel.  If you need to shake things up a bit, no worries.  Move you Contempo Wall entertainment center wherever you like.  Just make sure to unplug everything first.

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Making The Most of It: Using Room Dividers to Reach Your Design Potential

Bronsom Room Divider

Use the Bronson Room Divider to bring a new center to your space

People are learning to make more out of less, or at least that’s the philosophy we like to abide by.  Modern design isn’t about austerity, but it does require a certain sense of reserve, an eye for space that says “what could I DO here?” instead of “what else can I put here?”

Room dividers are an excellent way to breathe new life into a room, creating a dual nature within the space.  This one piece can rock the focal point of a room, shifting perspective and reshaping the atmosphere of the pace.

The Bronson Room Divider, for example, features a unique, rotating center panel.  Mount a flat screen TV on one side.  Decorate the other side with books, flowers and whatever else you desire.  With a flick of the wrist, this double-sided wall unit changes a peaceful den to an entertainment room and back again.

Versatility.  Mobility.  Durability.  That’s Contempo.

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