Contempo Wall Introduces Ambient Lighting System For Enhanced Television Experience

Contempo Wall, a member of the Contempo Space family, is proud to announce the addition of the Ambient Lighting System to their wide range of entertainment centers.  Installed on the back of Contempo Wall entertainment centers, the optional Ambient Lighting System offers an enhanced television experience.

Passaic, NJ Jan. 30, 2012 – Contempo Wall, along with Contempo Space, Contempo Closet, and Contempo Sofa, offers a wide variety of custom home furnishings.  Now, Contempo Wall is pleased to announce the optional integration of their exclusive Ambient Lighting System on many of their home entertainment centers for optimal television viewing.

As early as the mid-1980’s, experts from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers strived to determine the formula for the optimum television viewing environment.  Although most agreed that dim lighting would provide the best results, screen glare and eye-strain still stood as obstacles.  The solution: backlight panels.

Contempo Wall has adopted the advice of these experts and developed the Ambient Lighting System, available on many Contempo Wall entertainment centers.  Placed behind the television, Contempo Wall lighting panels provide a warm, even glow surrounding the television screen.  The backlight panel minimizes eye strain and screen glare to enable an optimal viewing environment with correct color perception.

In addition to the Ambient Lighting System’s practical advantages, Contempo Wall design consultant Gary Flax particularly emphasizes this feature’s aesthetic qualities.  “Customers often tell me it gives the entertainment center another dimension,” says Flax.  “It provides more character, creating a more dramatic accent for their particular space.”

The panel on which the lights are mounted also offers various customer benefits.  The panel provides simple wire management, allowing users to add or change cables with little hassle.  Likewise, the panel only requires a standard wall-mount bracket for easy, do-it-yourself flat screen TV installation.

Contempo Wall, a member of the Contempo Space family, specializes in custom entertainment centers, wall units, TV stands and more.  Design consultants and craftsmen work with customers to create the perfect piece for any space to best meet the customer’s needs.  Delivery and on-site assembly are also available upon request.

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How To Choose An Entertainment Center

So you got that nice new big screen TV, now what? You can’t just stick a 60 Inch plasma TV on top of any old piece of wood in your living room can you?

What Size Is Your TV?

Since the television is usually the central focus of your wall unit, you want an entertainment center to be the right size for your TV. It may seem obvious, but if you try to stick a 50 inch TV into a 42 inch furniture opening, chances are you’re going to have trouble.

It’s worth taking the time to measure your TVs height, width and depth before you go out and fall in love with an entertainment center that might not fit your TV or your living room.

Remember that televisions are usually measured diagonally, so a 50 inch TV isn’t necessarily going to be 50 inches wide when you take a tape measure to it.

Choose A Wall For Your Entertainment Center

Most frequently, the entertainment center holding the largest TV will be placed in a common area such as the living room, family room, or the great room.

Of course you don’t want to put an HDTV on an old dresser in your bedroom, so it’s also common to set up a wall unit in the bedroom if there’s enough space.

In any case, now that you have the dimensions of the television, you need to measure the wall in your living room or the room where the entertainment center is going to be placed.

Width is definitely important. Depending on your room and your ideas, it may be helpful to know the height when you start looking at entertainment centers. You want to leave some space around the entertainment center once it is in place so your room doesn’t look crowded.

Media Storage

Take stock of the media and electronics that you’d like to store in your entertainment center. A DVD collection and a few Blu-Rays can take up a surprising amount of space, so take these into account, as well as any video games and music that you may need space for.

Black Is The New Black

Choosing colors is the fun part! Maybe you want a sleek black entertainment center to go with your sleek black TV, or perhaps white or some kind of a wood finish is more appropriate for your decor.

At Contempo Wall, we offer our full array of entertainment center finish choices for every model. Black, white, red, blue, green, dark wood, light wood… we have it all.

The Custom Touch

We understand that no two rooms are the same. Our expert design consultants work with you to make sure you get the perfect entertainment center for your space. We then manufacture each piece to order based on your finish choices and any other special considerations.

Give us a call at 866-266-1280 and be prepared for an amazing experience!

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