How to Ditch Cable

You don't need cable to enjoy great TV With over 500 channels and nothing to watch, cable is looking more and more like a rip-off. And with a ton of streaming options available at nearly a fraction of the cost, why not look into some inexpensive alternatives that offer similar, if not better, options. Continue reading
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Netflix Faces Stiff New Competition from Streampix

Netflix's streaming dominance may be challenged by streampix Netflix has been glorified as the movie geek’s Holy Grail, demonized as the death of cable TV and lamented as the easiest way to waste an afternoon watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother. But now Comcast Corp, a … Continue reading
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Having Fun With Smart TV

Smart TV Despite degrading nicknames such as “the idiot box” or “boob tube,” TVs are getting smart, just like cell phones.  They can access the Internet, stream content and even download fun apps. These are some of the coolest apps developers are … Continue reading
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