Techorating: Interior Design & Technology

Techorating - Design follows technology Yesterday, we discussed the importance of keeping your home entertainment in mind when redecorating or designing your interiors. Today, we’re going to discuss a similar concept, called Techorating, which is the practice of combining technology and interior design to unify a space. Continue reading
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Modern Furniture & Technology

Modern furniture has to keep up with technology In modern times, technology is advancing at an increasingly rapid pace, and for many of us it's hard to keep up. For those of us in modern furniture design, we know that it's essential that our products remain relevant with these lifestyle changes, so we need to design for today while planning for tomorrow. Continue reading
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Design For A Changing World

Designers have to move fast to keep up with technology Technology moves fast, sometimes too fast to even realize. Nonetheless, designers have to do their best to stay on top of the changes and integrate new technologies into existing designs. The only other choice is obsolescence. Continue reading
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