TV Stand

Entertainment for the Children

A vibrant entertainment room can keep the kids occupied and intrigued Having a dedicated playroom/entertainment room for your children can be a helpful means of getting them to focus on something constructive for a few hours, leaving you free to center your concentration on other responsibilities you might have. Continue reading
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Entertainment in Small Spaces

TV Stands are a sleek, elegant display solution for small spaces At Contempo Wall, we’re really, really proud of our home entertainment centers and wall units. They’re contemporary media centers designed to store and display colossal TVs and epic sound systems.  But what if you don’t have the space for that? … Continue reading
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Seen A Weird TV Stand, Recently? Tell Us and Enter to Win a $500 Gift Certificate

Tell us about your weird TV stand and enter to win a $500 gift certificate to Contempo Wall Have you ever seen a TV placed in a weird spot?  Or just somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be?  Well, Contempo Wall wants to hear about it! Send us your favorite weird TV picture or tell us a story about … Continue reading
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Got a Weird TV Stand? Show Us and Enter To Win an Exclusive Discount!

Where do you keep your TV? What’s the strangest TV mount you’ve ever seen?  A milk-crate?  Maybe an old chest or barrel?  Get creative and post a picture of the weirdest TV mount you can find on our Facebook or Twitter page, and enter to win … Continue reading
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An Eye For Entertainment

Photo Credit: Luigi Diamanti   The home entertainment center is an integral part of any modern living room. It’s where family and friends gather to enjoy music and movies, as well as each other’s company. But since every space is different, you should always … Continue reading
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