Facebook Wall: A Tribute

Oh Facebook Wall, how we will miss you Man kind has built some incredible walls, but there is one, built hardly even half a decade ago that shook the world to its very core like none other. The Facebook Wall reshaped communication giving an entire generation a new means of self-expression and collaboration. Continue reading
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Contempo Wall Introduces the New and Improved Bronson Room Divider

The Bronson Room Divider turns one space into two, marking an efficient use of space, form and function. NJ Furniture Manufacturer Contempo Wall is proud to announce the arrival of the Bronson Room Divider, a new and improved freestanding wall unit with a rotating thin panel mounting system and an extensive array of storage space. Passaic, NJ March … Continue reading
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Seen A Weird TV Stand, Recently? Tell Us and Enter to Win a $500 Gift Certificate

Tell us about your weird TV stand and enter to win a $500 gift certificate to Contempo Wall Have you ever seen a TV placed in a weird spot?  Or just somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be?  Well, Contempo Wall wants to hear about it! Send us your favorite weird TV picture or tell us a story about … Continue reading
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Don’t Be Another Brick In the Wall: Follow the Founding Fathers

Washington Crossing the Delaware Four score and way more than seven years ago, a new nation was brought onto this land by men who would not be bullied or intimidated into following the rules of an unjust tyrant.  Our founding fathers were men of … Continue reading
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